racticing sports its not just a “to do” or “task”, it’s a lifestyle witch is offering so many benefits that most of the normal people will forget they had before, once they “grow up” and start the work/job part of life. We are making our own lifestyle based on our priorities and principles.
My normal day includes everyday after work some kind of sport activities as fitness, basketball, cycling or running. My main purpose is to keep myself fit, healthy, strong and comfortable with the way I look. Beside these, some additional benefits will come like self confidence, more energy, friends, power and improved social life. In this era of virtual life, people are closing themselves in social media environments (were they feel comfortable) and they don’t realize that non of that is real and makes any difference. This is sad. I’ve started playing basketball in high school and then during University I started working out in the fitness studio.
Now I am doing both and not because I have to, because I love doing the things I like. And when some results are coming along after a while, the self confidence creates a feeling that cannot be compared to any “virtual likes”.
In conclusion I would like to share my sport side (gym plan, basketball, motivational stuff, gallery and videos) that maybe it could help out some of the people to get out from their “comfort zone”.


Nothing like a good game of Street-ball (3 x 3). Started playing in high-school, and since then, everywhere I go, I try to find a place to relax by shooting some hoops. It changes your mood, to a better one, witch brings you motivation and energy.
During warmer season we try to play outside in parks and in winter time we try to play in the schools sport halls.
To make it much more fun, we bring some old-school hip hop music (“Boombox”)





No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Bench Press 5 10-15
2 Butterflies 5 10-15
3 Upper Chest Machine 5 10-15
4 Cable Butterflies 5 10-15

No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Barberll Curles 5 10-12
2 Hammer Curles 5 12
3 Seated incline dumbbell curls 5 12
4 Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls 5 10


No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Deadlifts 5 8-10
2 Bent Barbell Rows 5 10-15
3 Seated Rowe 5 10-12
4 Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Exercise 5 10-15


No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Two dumbbell pullover 5 10-12
2 Push down rope 5 12
3 Push down V bar 5 12
4 Dips 5 10


No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Squats 5 10-12
2 Front Lunges 5 10-15
3 Quadriceps machine with Machine Standing Calf Raise 5 10-15
4 Leg curls with Machine Standing Calf Raise 5 10-15


No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 Seated Dumbbell Military Press 5 10-12
2 Front Dumbbell Raise 5 10-15
3 Side Dumbbell Raise 5 10-12
4 Bar Upright Rowe 5 10-15


No. Exercise Sets Repetitions Photo
1 8 Minute Abs 1 1 Link
2 Bicycle 4 45 Link
3 Leg pull-in knee-up 4 45 Link
4 Running plank 4 45 Link






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